Friday, April 27, 2012

Action Research

In the age of 21st century education and the high stakes that come with being an educator, we must be certain of the practices and actions that we foster. Every last thing that a teacher does has an impact and leaves a lasting impression on his/her students for a lifetime. Therefore, it is imperative that what an educator does in the classroom is in the best interest of each and every student regardless of background or ability. In order to identify and achieve the practices that best support our students, action research should be practiced by all teachers and those part of the learning community. Action research is an imperative method not only for identifying best practice to support learners but to use those reliable and valid evidence based practices as a companion and tool for leading change on a broader level. Those that conduct action research have the ability to lead by example and support their claims with sound evidence. People are much more likely to support efforts for change when they can see exactly how the change has an impact on learning and action research provides the means. In order to deliver the most outstanding education to our youth, one that is based on practices supported by evidence and meets the needs of all children and is dynamic in its ability to change with ever evolving expectations, desires, and needs, we must have a sound method for identifying the factors necessary for all students to achieve success and lead change and there is no better way in education than reliable and valid action research.

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